Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Have your property managed by an agency

Real estate agent / regulated profession

Thereal estate agent, holder of the professional card bearing the mention "real estate management" has the power to administer the goods which are entrusted to him. Thereal estate agent is a professional agent, who carries out all the operations of management of urban, rural, residential, commercial or professional buildings.

The owner (or the lessor) signs a management mandate with thereal estate agent, who will represent him in his relationship with the tenant, throughout the lease. Thus, the administrator accomplishes, in the name and for the account of the lessor, all the acts necessary to the management of the good: to call the rents, to collect them, to transfer to the lessor the sums which are due to him, to carry out the inventory of fixtures, to establish the statement of restitution of the deposit...

The management mandate established between thereal estate agent and the lessor defines the obligations of the manager, and fixes his remuneration, in accordance with his scale. It also stipulates when the funds are paid back to the lessor, and how often theproperty manager reports on his mission.

Thereal estate agent benefits from a civil liability insurance and a financial guarantee, which protects the funds he holds on behalf of his principal.